Speaking and Workshops

Dr. Crane has over a decade of experience providing workshops and retreats to all ages. Her motto: less is more and flexibility is key. Dr. Crane builds effective presentations with brief speaking points followed by interactive application of the concepts taught. All presentations are tailored to the population and topic requested and can be conducted in a variety of settings. Dr. Crane excels at adjusting content within the moment as needs of the group shift. This is key to addressing the needs of each unique audience.

Workshops and Speaking Topics

  • Adolescent Leadership and Life Skills Workshops – Development and presentation of leadership and life skills concepts for adolescents. This can be taught in a variety of settings, e.g., a camp/retreat, school, community center, etc.
  • Couples and Family Workshops – These events work best when focused on a limited topic range. Example topics include: communication, problem-solving, goal setting, family cohesion, military stressors, and coping with stress reminders as a family when a family member is affected by post traumatic stress (PTS).
  • Coping/Grief Workshops – Group sessions for family members that have lost a loved one – parents, siblings, spouses, and children. These workshops can be tailored specifically to military families.